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Dear Expectant Mothers,

Are you waiting for a stress test for gestational diabetes, so-called OGTT ? You do not know what to expect from the examination? Did your doctor tell you that you have gestational diabetes? Are you afraid of what it means to you and your baby? You did not have enough time to ask your doctor all the questions, seeking for more information on your own, but the answers are controversial? Do not despair, you are at the right address, this site is the place for you.

My name is Hana Krejčí and I work as a doctor at the Internal Ambulance of the Hospital “U Apolináře” General Faculty Hospital and 1. LF UK in Prague. With my colleague doctor  Kateřina Anderlova we take care of pregnant women with internal complications in pregnancy, including the gestational diabetes.

I was inspired by your questions to create this website in 2009, because there is not always enough time in the office or on the phone to answer everything in detail. I did a little research into what can be found today on the internet about gestational diabetes and I was shocked by all the contradictory information or complete nonsense which circulates on the nets about the disease.

The treatment of gestational diabetes is mainly in your hands – it is necessary to eat properly and try to get enough movement. However, we, health professionals are obligated to provide you with background, advice and, above all, the right information. In some cases, treatment with medication or insulin is also required. On this website, we will try to cover everything you need to know about this disease so you can be properly treated.

These pages are gradually updated.

If you would like to ask anything, please use our questions and Comments section.

MUDr. Hana Krejčí, Ph.D.

Prague, May 24th 2016

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